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Are you done with 2022 and ready for a new year?

Let’s say goodbye to all the crazy of 2022, 

and hello to the new thing God wants to do with 2023!



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All speaker sessions are pre-recorded and will be made avaiable for instant access! This means that you can view these sessions, at your own pace, in your own space! 




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Meet the speakers! 


Becky Kiser

Cari Trotter

Cassandra Speer

Lauren Chandler

Cheryl Luke

Cassie Carrigan

Meredith King

Molly Stillman

Katie Orr

Nicki Koziarz

Brittany Estes

Tiana Spencer

Dani Jey

Kait Warman

Dr. Kim Kimberling

Marian Jordan Ellis

Beth A Barr

Jennifer Allwood

Natasha Ann Miller

Rylee Mowery

Manda Carpenter

Jaleesa McCreary

Payne Bridges

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